Birth to Grade 6

Please note all children’s educational programming may be altered or canceled due to the pandemic phase we are in based on the Wisconsin Council of Churches recommendations.

Birth to Grade 6

Children's Learning Time - September through May

During the 2020-21 school year we are using an education model that includes emailed lessons the coordinate with Sunday morning livestream Sunday School openings and Zoom small group “cabin” time.  We encourage families, local or distant, to participate in our virtual Sunday School by registering here. Don't forget to include grandparent information if they would like to join your family’s cabin time. It’s a great opportunity to connect even if you don’t live in the same town while developing faith!


Sunday School
Livestream is on Sunday mornings at 9:45 a.m. following worship available on the First English Lutheran Facebook page or FELC webpage at 
Zoom virtual “cabin time” follows.

Learning Time Registration

Sunday School Student Information Form

FELC Youth Ministry Release Form


Baptism Class: Contact Pastor Mary ( for an invitation to the Baptism Workshop that will take place on Zoom on a date TBD. We welcome all who are planning to have their child baptized at First English.

Holy Communion: We invite all to the table who are open to receiving the blessing of the bread and wine, acknowledging that the Holy Spirit moves beyond our understanding.  

This means that we do not have an age restriction for receiving the sacrament of communion.  While many choose to not have younger children participate until they have some understanding of the symbolism and spiritual value of the process, it is not required to receive the gift.

Communion Class: Offered annually for families and individuals that would like instruction in the meaning of the sacrament of baptism. We ask that attending children be in grade 2 or higher to match the developmental stage of the content versus as a minimum age requirement.  This class is available for registration at

Regardless of whether you participate in the class or not, any individual can receive communion by indicating their desire to the pastor or worship attendant by overlaying and cupping hands in a position to receive.  Those who do not will be given a blessing.

Using Your Bible Class: Offered annually to introduce our 3rd grade students how to navigate their NRSV Bible given to students as a gift at the start of the year.  Sign up here

Staff contact: Kirsten Owens.