Scroll Down for Confirmation COVID-19 Updates

FELC leadership has decided to suspend church activities for eight weeks which places our anticipated return to standard operations as May 13, with our first in-house worship service being May 17.  Of course, as information changes, this date may be altered but right now that’s the plan. 

Here is the First English plan for the remainder of the Confirmation year:

  • There are be no more general Confirmation class meetings for this academic year.  For grades 7 and 8, your Confirmation year is over but we look forward to seeing you in worship when the restrictions on gatherings is lifted!

Until then, consider watching the movie “Risen” as a family (please be aware this is a PG-13 movie so it is not appropriate for elementary age children.) Here’s a link to the trailer for the film.  It is available on Amazon Prime and Netflix. This is the movie we would have been watching together for the last two weeks of Confirmation.

  • For 9th grade students, it is a high priority for our congregation to participate and celebrate in your Confirmation ceremony!  With the eight week suspension of activities, the Apr. 26 date for Affirmation of Baptism is no longer possible.  At the present time, we intend to postpone, not cancel, this event but have yet to commit to a date as it will be important to see how the public health picture unfolds over the course of the next few weeks.  This is similar to the way many schools are handling their graduations right now.  We will be sending a clearer plan as things progress.
UPDATE 3-26-2020: 

Since many students have an abundance of time on their hands during the stay-at-home order, now seems the perfect opportunity to actually do faith interviews but we need to go with plan B.  So, this is how it will work.

  • Please complete your Faith Statement (see below for the form).
  • Send your completed Faith Statement to me as an electronic attachment.  If you are unable to scan and send a handwritten statement from home then it would be best for you to use either the fillable, savable PDF or Word document to send as an attachment after you type in your answers.
  • If you have questions about the Faith Statement or need help.  You can join the Faith Statement Help Meeting via Zoom.  It will be offered Thursday, March 26, at 3 p.m.  

Click this link to join that meeting.

The meeting ID is : 355-657-421 but if you follow the link it will automatically place you in this meeting.
You can access zoom meetings either by phone or computer. If click the link on your computer and it will lead you through the process. In order to connect on your phone you must download the Zoom meeting app.  

  • Attending the Faith Statement Help Meeting is not mandatory.  It is only if you would like help with your statement.
  • Beginning Monday, Mar. 30,  Zoom faith interviews will be offered.  Meetings are available from 1-2 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays except Maundy Thursday until May 13 by reservation. 
  • Click this link to choose your date and time,. 

After you choose your time I will send you a unique meeting link to participate in your interview.

  • Please make sure your Faith Statement is sent to me at least two days prior to your meeting so I have time to prepare.
Faith Formation Coordinator Kirsten Owens will be doing one-on-one faith interviews with students during these meetings.  It isn’t the ideal way to do this. As most of you know, we normally like to do faith interviews with teams of various FELC members but these aren’t normal times so, with grace, we’ll approach it from a different angle. Even though Kirsten is conducting the interviews, the basic structure will remain the same. Faith interviews are not intended to be a test with correct answers. These are casual conversations about their faith journeys.  The hope is our time together in large group this year will give the students reassurance.

Faith Statements:

Fillable             Printable


Confirmation at First English

At FELC we believe that Confirmation is an important time for students to become clear about what their baptismal promise means, to explore questions, and strengthen their faith as they move into their adult relationships with Christ. We believe this is a process that is most successful when it is supported by family and community.  We are a team involved in a faith-building partnership!

Family is key in spiritual development.  When you baptized your child you took baptismal promises to help raise and support her/him in the Christian faith. Confirmation is the process of exploring and affirming these promises. As the primary shepherd of your student and their faith needs, it is paramount that you are an active leader in their Christian development. (Click here fto read The Baptismal Covenant and the ELCA Faith Practices). Many of us have not spoken these promises since our children were babies. We ask that you review this document as a reminder of this important declaration. Ultimately, the student will have her/his most intimate, extensive relationship with his family both while in Confirmation and after. This is a unique time to find a family’s ‘faith language’ through discussion, activities, and practice, in the hope of developing greater bonds and a clearer vision of being a lifelong follower of Christ.

  • Community is a vital contributor to faith development. As the body of Christ we also made a promise at your child’s baptism to help raise them in the ways of the church and help support their relationship with God.  Our church staff, small group leaders, parent networks, and additional helpers take their roles as co-faith builders seriously. The more relationships your student makes with others in their congregation, the more likely they will stay connected to their community in Christ. 

Click here to be contacted with more information about the Confirmation program.