Confirmation at First English

At FELC we believe that Confirmation is an important time for students to become clear about what their baptismal promise means, to explore questions, and strengthen their faith as they move into their adult relationships with Christ. We believe this is a process that is most successful when it is supported by family and community.  We are a team involved in a faith-building partnership!

Family is key in spiritual development.  When you baptized your child you took baptismal promises to help raise and support her/him in the Christian faith. Confirmation is the process of exploring and affirming these promises. As the primary shepherd of your student and their faith needs, it is paramount that you are an active leader in their Christian development. (Click here fto read The Baptismal Covenant and the ELCA Faith Practices). Many of us have not spoken these promises since our children were babies. We ask that you review this document as a reminder of this important declaration. Ultimately, the student will have her/his most intimate, extensive relationship with his family both while in Confirmation and after. This is a unique time to find a family’s ‘faith language’ through discussion, activities, and practice, in the hope of developing greater bonds and a clearer vision of being a lifelong follower of Christ.

  • Community is a vital contributor to faith development. As the body of Christ we also made a promise at your child’s baptism to help raise them in the ways of the church and help support their relationship with God.  Our church staff, small group leaders, parent networks, and additional helpers take their roles as co-faith builders seriously. The more relationships your student makes with others in their congregation, the more likely they will stay connected to their community in Christ. 

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