At FELC we believe that Confirmation is an important time for students to become clear about what their baptismal promise means, to explore questions of, and strengthen their faith as they move into their adult relationships with Christ. We believe this is a process that is most successful when it is supported by family, community, and staff.

  • We believe the support of family is key in spiritual development.  Regular worship attendance with family, as well as, discussing faith questions together is a great way to help your student succeed.  In addition, nightly practice of Faith 5 (Share, Read, Talk, Pray & Bless) as part of your child’s Confirmation studies help to strengthen the bonds between family and Jesus.
  • We believe the support of community is vital in providing important relationships with students outside of family.  Multiple sources claim that the greater variety of relationships that students have with members of their faith community the more likely they are to remain active in the life of their church and spread the love of Jesus outside its walls.  We are blessed to have many in the congregation put their gifts to good use in the Confirmation program and are always excited to welcome more!
  • We believe the FELC staff can help provide engaging curriculum and program support along the way.

In the end, Confirmation is a unique opportunity to for us all to work together, make the most of these three years of self discovery and faith building as we hope to provide a successful launch of each student into their mature relationship with God.

Staff contact: Kirsten Owens.

All students must have a grade appropriate student form and a Youth Ministry Release Form on file with FELC to attend Confirmation.

Download a 2016 7th Grade Confirmation Student Form.

Download a 2016 8th Grade Confirmation Student Form.

Download a 2016 9th Grade Confirmation Student Form.

Complete the 2016-17 Ministry Release Form.

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Download a Confirmation sermon note form (B).

Download a Confirmation sermon note form (C).

2016-17 Confirmation Year Calendars

7th Grade

8th Grade

9th Grade