A Counter-Cultural Community

At First English, we are feeling called to move beyond shallow relationships by becoming A Counter-Cultural Community. Grounded in the love of Jesus, God’s Spirit fosters deep, joy-filled connections and a sense of belonging to participants, while moving outward to bring hope and acceptance to a larger community. A Counter-Cultural Community forgoes fear and suspicion of the unknown to foster the loving care that Jesus demonstrated throughout his life. We work toward A Counter-Cultural Community by sharing our stories, celebrating together, serving society’s larger needs, and experiencing God’s presence together. It is a community where all are truly welcome.

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A Counter-Cultural Community Sermon Series

Community of Love-In a faith-filled counter-cultural community we are loved by Christ and that love overflows. By sharing our stories we form deep bonds that hold through difficult times.

Community of Celebration-In a faith-filled counter-cultural community, celebration hones a life-long identity (vs. shallow time-limited connection) that allows us not to forget ourselves, but to find ourselves. This joy fuels compassion and inspires us to bring joy to others.

Community of Service-In a faith-filled counter-cultural community our deep bonds naturally flow into mutual (not one-directional or power-based) acts of caring (not pity) that bring a sense of belonging (mutually vulnerable).

Community of God’s Presence-In a faith-filled counter-cultural community we never act alone and God’s presence gives us the strength to love deeply, is the source of our joy, and gives us the courage to be vulnerable -to care for others and to be cared for by others.

A Community of Inclusion-In a faith-filled counter-cultural community, Jesus empowers us to move beyond fear and shallow connections into a community where all are known, accepted, and belong.

To start or join a small group studying A Counter-Cultural Community, contact Pastor MaryKathy Larson, or call the Church Office at 733-2303.