Meditations from Music Ministry

These musical meditations and hymn reflections were born out of a need to communicate to you in a form that can bring peace and comfort during difficult times. We are certainly in one of those difficult moments. Music and prayer can soothe and calm our fears, showing us the steadfast love of God in myriad ways. I am grateful for all the great hymn writers whose poetry reaches deep into our hearts and finds us, illuminating the great mystery of the Trinity, for those composers whose melodies and harmonies give flight to these texts, and for the musical instruments that stand as windows into the heavenly realm we dare to glimpse during our time on earth. I hope you enjoy these stories that serve as background to these hymns, as well as the music itself. Much of the background information presented here is derived fromthe Hymnal Companion to Evangelical Lutheran Worship by Paul Westermeyer, published by Augsburg Fortress, 2010. For anyone interested in hymnody, this volume is a veritable treasure trove of material.

-Nathan Birkholz, DS Music Director & Organist

Meditation for May 6, 2020

Meditation for Apr. 7, 2020

Meditation for Mar. 23, 2020

Meditation for Mar. 20, 2020