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Mission Trip Update #3: Initiate, Interrupt and Intercede
June 18, 2014

Hello everyone! With a focus on "stepping in like Jesus", First English youth and leaders jumped into our third day in St Louis, Missouri with the prayer that we would follow in His footsteps. This we planned to do through initiating conversation with the community, interrupting the brokenness we see, and intercede by representing someone in need.

After our day, we all gathered together again for dinner and conversation where the incredible stories of the day flowed freely. Singing a Capella with the elderly, gifting crosses to special new friends, and feeding over 100 people in need were but a few of seemingly endless blessings we were able to experience at our service sites today.

We're coming to realize that each of us has a mission from God. Our experiences stress that these missions go beyond our trip and we strive to touch as many lives as we possibly can.

Grateful for yet another day here in Missouri with such amazing people, we anxiously await tomorrows missions. And, of course, the special treat to explore the Botanical Gardens! 

Until Tomorrow!


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