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Mission Trip Update #5:Mission Complete! By Summer Intern Sally Eronson
June 20, 2014
All groups served wholeheartedly and accomplished their tasks like champs on their last day of service. The focus was on being a demonstration of Jesus' love and impacting others through it. No doubt, the high schooler and adult leaders excelled. Meeting up in the afternoon tired and sweaty, it was easy to see that they gave their all yet again.

Everyone looked forward to dinner not for the tasty food but for the community cookout. Newly made friends graced us with their presence and we were blessed with newcomer community attendance including families and youth. And what brings youth together better than a little friendly competition? Game after game of Lightening Basketball was a highlight when it came to engaging the community youth and church members. Pastor Brian decided to reveal his super secret basketball skills and shock FELC as we cheered away! 

After plenty of good conversation and food, we proceeded into the evenings special event. Based on John 13 as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, the Youthworks staff washed the feet of the adult leaders who then proceed to wash the feet of their youth. During these intimate and touching moments with each youth, prayers were spoken, tears were shed, hearts were open, and God was present.

As we head back to Appleton, I am confident that we each come home with a new perspective. This is one that is open, humbled and ready to touch lives as we have been touched. The incredible people and experiences of St. Louis will not be forgotten soon, if ever. Even though we've completed our mission, we venture onward in our mission to light the world!

See you soon and thank you for all of the prayers during this amazing trip.

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