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Dare to Feel Awkward by Summer Intern Morgan Haefner
July 7, 2014

Hello FELC. This is Morgan Haefner, your 2014 communications intern. I’m excited to be back from my study abroad trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. If you would like to hear more about my trip click here, or contact me at mhaefner@felc.com, or look out for announcements regarding when I will be giving talks about my experience. I feel I can’t adequately describe my trip in a short blog post, but I’ll leave you with two things I learned abroad: I am a born traveler, and the more you learn, the less you know.                                                                                                  

Aside from my exciting past month, I’m thrilled to be home with my colleagues and friends at FELC. I’ve been back a matter of days, and my fellow interns have embraced me as if I’ve been here all along.  It’s the kind of compassion I pride my church and congregation for giving freely.

As a communications intern, I love to see moments when all members of our congregation are in contact and communication with each other. That’s why I’d like to focus this blog post on my experience studying with members of Pastor Mary’s Bible study Wednesday mornings.

I, along with my fellow communications intern Sally, have met with the Bible study twice, and already I feel connected with the participants there. I’m thankful for the opportunity to bridge an age gap and communicate with members of my congregation other than youth. It’s a type of communication I tend to shy away from, talking to adults. It’s not that I’m nervous or think I know less in their presence, it’s simply I want to avoid awkward moments. Needless to say, I tiptoed into the study anticipating uncomfortable moments to fill any silent voids.

What I learned through my attendance in the Bible study is the only thing awkward about stepping into a situation where your age group is not the majority of participants is not stepping into the situation. The men and women of the study have welcomed Sally and me and respect our comments on the topics we are studying. They call us the “brave, young ones” whereas I see them as the “brave, wise ones.”

I find the anticipation and realization I experienced during attending the Bible study to be similar to my experience with prayer. Personally, I walk into prayer feeling inadequate. “God knows I don’t pray much,” I think, “so what is he going to think of this request?” But I do it anyway. And I’m always glad I did afterward. I believe the only way to feel comfort is to first experience awkwardness. This fact can be correlated to everyday activities as well as our most vulnerable spiritual moments.

I’ll leave you with a mission this week. Dare to feel awkward at least a couple of times instead of turning away. You may be surprised the comfort that spreads through your body afterward.    

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