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This Week in Review by Summer Intern Morgan Haefner
July 20, 2014

This past week brought with it challenges, accomplishments and many appearances of God's presence. 

Art week ended too quickly, in my opinion. I'm sure art intern Hannah S. would beg to differ because of the many classes she had to be present for. But during the days I helped out, the amount of creativity broadcasted on canvases, paper and random objects blew me away. The atmosphere created by Lynn and Hannah S. allowed students to harness their mind in new ways, guiding their hands and brushes across different mediums. We are all called to do unique, beautiful things.

The second event that stood out in my memory from the past week was the One Step Closer benefit concert. Wow. I can't believe how impactful and exciting the event was. Whether it was hearing stories from survivors/strugglers of mental illness, listening to music from various artists or dancing, smiles graced the entire room. The cause behind the event touched many people personally, and influenced the energy coursing through every spoken word and musical performance. A huge shout out to everyone who made the event possible. Your time and effort is appreciated by all. 

Our weeks are always filled with moments when all one can do is look up with a silent, "thank you," toward God, the earth and life in general. Although last Monday's meeting daunted us with deadlines and schedules, the result of our determination to live out our calls made itself apparent in each activity. And I'm grateful for that.

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On Monday, July 21, 2014, Mary Bauer said
Thanks for the hard work you put into the "One Step Closer" concert. What a great witness to God's love. I wish I could have stayed for more!


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