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A Look at the Week Ahead by Summer Intern Morgan Haefner
July 28, 2014

As kidsCLUB wraps up this week and VBS looms in the near future, the familiar feeling of summer loosening its grip is taking over. All the interns are bracing themselves for the many "Where did the summer go?!"s and "Summer goes too fast"s, as we try to accept these emotions ourselves. So, how do we combat the truth that summer activities are coming to a close? We embrace it and make the last weeks as exciting and God-filled as the first.

First off, let it be known it's never too late to join kidsCLUB! The last week will be filled with all of our favorites - parachute games, arts and crafts, playground time and making some delicious snacks. No moment will be wasted. 

Once kidsCLUB is over, we will be looking forward to VBS next week. I remember looking through the calendar when the internship first started and thinking how far off the event seemed, since it is the second to last week of the internship. Time is a trickster though, and it is already upon us. I'm very excited to continue our work with the youth of our church with this one last blow out.

The part of this week us interns are looking forward to the most is welcoming Harrison Schwab to the team! Harrison will be an intern for the entire week, working, planning and having fun alongside us. Although we know how excited he is about this opportunity, I think we are even more excited to inspire him with our actions and words. We hope in the future becoming an intern is a goal he will succeed in.

As the week winds down, the interns will be attending service at Alliance, where our lovely interns Sally and McKenna worship. Afterward we will celebrate with a day at the Timber Rattles, eatin' hotdogs and enjoying everyone’s company. 

"Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain." Here's to the week ahead! 



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