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End of Summer Reflection, by Summer Intern Morgan Haefner
August 20, 2014

As I’m sitting here, my body is under the impression I’m heading back to kids dangling on my arms, cleaning coffee cups littering the intern office and belting “Oceans” at worship. My mind is under the impression I’ll be putting God’s love into my actions each and every day. How do I continue this mentality when my body is heading south to Madison, and my fellow interns are traveling away?

The end is by far the hardest part of the summer internship. It’s hard to head into an atmosphere where God is not apparent in every action and word. However, he is. The hard part is finding him.

I know one of the greatest lessons I’ll take away from this summer is the expansive presence of God. His arms stretch beyond the church and interactions inside of it. I believe and understand this. But the trouble is finding God in the less obvious, such as a lecture hall or in an extra-curricular. These are the challenges I know will surface during my first couple weeks back, away from my summer home.

The predicament is evident, but I intend to face it baring my miniature prayer box. I have been inspired by my mentor Jen, who gifted me the little box in hopes of motivating my prayer life. When times get rough, I know to lift it up. Prayer is a relationship, and “relationship” is a word I have come to understand the importance of this summer.

When I’m misguided and searching for the light, I now know to look for God in the faces of the people I’m around. In those lectures when he seems obsolete, and when I’m writing an article for my school paper, I know to look up. When I’m doing a radio show with my roommate, all I need to do is smile back at her and see God in our ever-expanding friendship. This is a realization I found extremely enlightening this summer, and one I hope will inspire others. When I fret where God is, all I need to do is look around me (and I guess remembering my fellow interns would help a little, too).

I hope this mentality shines through, and I hope it inspires congregation members also missing Wednesday night worships and summer programs. I hope they look for the love of the interns in daily interactions and relationships. Our inspiration shouldn’t end as we exit, but should excite others to continue our story.

From all the interns, thank you for growing along with us this summer. 


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