A Summer in Faith: 2019 Intern News
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Hi! My name is Olivia Newhouse and I am an intern this summer at First English Lutheran Church. This is a blog that will be a behind the scenes account of all the things that happen at First English in the summer. I am excited to provide another outlet of our continuous faith journey.


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Short and Sweet
July 8, 2019

Last week was short as the fourth of July was on Thursday. The week began with the normal intern meeting which Heidi usually ran, but as she was on vacation, Brenda led the meeting. I have loved getting to know everyone who works throughout the summer, especially those who I wouldn’t normally have a relationship with. I like that I am creating my own identity in the church outside being one of the “Newhouse Twins.” The rest of Monday I spent time writing the WIN-WIN announcements and this blog. It was a relaxing day as I was able to spend time working with the other interns and plan for upcoming events, especially Christmas in July Camp!

Tuesday was a busy day, especially as compared to Monday. In the morning I attended the staff meeting where we were able to pray together and talk about church news. I like the staff meeting because it gives me a glance into other staffers lives, especially allowing me to be able to pray for anything going on in their lives. After the meeting, I then attended the first Confidence Code book club for girls. We had 3 girls show up, so the group was nice and small. I wish I had something like this when I was a middle schooler because I would have greatly benefited from talking to older girls about confidence and its challenges. I think even talking with the young girls who were at the book club gave me an insight into how different life is for them compared to how my life was when I was their age. Life is definitely harder for them than it was for me. In the afternoon on Tuesday, I attended/ran my first Kids Life. The theme for the week was “Dream Jobs”. The most exciting part of the day is when Andy, a friend of the interns, came to talk about his job as a welder to the kids. I loved seeing how interested the kids were in exploring a job not many of them had been exposed to. Andy did a great job explaining his job and how important it is within our society.

Wednesday was also another busy day. The day started at 11:30 with Kids Life. The craft of the day was creating diplomas and resumes for the kids. This craft was my favorite of the week because I loved seeing all the goals the kids had for the future. Many wanted to be a Youtuber and create videos on YouTube for a living. It's so cool to see all the dreams kids have for the future. Another speaker we had come in and talk about their job was Carmen’s Mom, Christina, who was a nurse practitioner. It was cool to see how passionate she was about her job. One of the most important points that Christina made is that every job is important no matter how small. I liked this because it teaches kids that no matter what they are doing, they are making an impact on the world. The week ended with worship which even included a baptism. It was a nice way to end the work week, especially with a tiny baby!

Full week again this coming week! Please keep the interns in your prayers as we continue to grow and learn this summer.


2 Peter 3:18

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.


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