A Summer in Faith: 2019 Intern News
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Hi! My name is Olivia Newhouse and I am an intern this summer at First English Lutheran Church. This is a blog that will be a behind the scenes account of all the things that happen at First English in the summer. I am excited to provide another outlet of our continuous faith journey.


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Miss Craft Lady
August 5, 2019

Vacation Bible School was a blast and has been one of my favorite parts of the summer. It was so much fun to be with all 80 kids for 4 days of the week. The kids made each day more exciting than the last, telling me stories about what is going on in their lives. For the camp, I was "Miss Craft Lady" and was in charge of all the crafts for the week. It was challenging to come up with crafts that were different each day and went along with each theme. Crafts for 3-year-olds are much different than crafts for 6th graders. At worship that week the VBS kids were even able to sing some of the songs they learned from Mrs. Tracy, the music lady. My favorite part of the day was when kids came up to me and told me that craft time was their part of the day. It makes all the hard work worth it.

Worship was also very impactful this week. The mission trip kids returned and 2 of them got a chance to speak at worship. I loved hearing the stories they told about the trip and how it impacted their lives. It made me think about the mission trip I took to St Louis when I was a freshman in High School. I loved that trip and it greatly changed the way I look at my life and how I see Jesus in the world. I am glad those students had the chance to go on the trip and see the world through a different lens. 

As for this coming week, we are finishing our final prep for the Benefit Concert. So far this has been my absolute favorite event that the interns have planned this summer. I am looking forward to this event and can't wait for the community to come together to support FELC and the Appleton Pollinator Project. See you there! Buzz Buzz...

Psalm 67:7

7 May God bless us still so that all the ends of the earth will fear him.


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