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My Wednesday Truth by Sara Snyder
January 15, 2015
Every Wednesday, I go through the same things. I realize that it’s midweek and work projects that need done by the end of the week either need to get started or be well on their way to finished. I see the day inch quickly toward... [READ MORE]

FELC Confirmation News for January, 2013
January 2, 2013
Check out all the latest Confirmation news! [READ MORE]

FELC Confirmation News for December
November 29, 2012
Check out the December Confirmation Newsletter. [READ MORE]

First English Confirmation News for November
October 25, 2012
Stay up to date with what's happening in Confirmation! [READ MORE]

What's New at Confirmation?
September 27, 2012
Check out all the Confirmation news! [READ MORE]

7th Grade Orientation Retreat
September 6, 2012
Remember 7th graders, Confirmation orientation retreat tomorrow (Friday, September 7) night at North Site! [READ MORE]

A Message from Kirsten
July 30, 2012
Confirmation Program Coordinator Kirsten Owens extends a welcome to confirmation families. [READ MORE]

The Big Wind-Down
March 27, 2012
Faith interview info.  Dates to remember. [READ MORE]

The Lenten flip, C3 summer camp & 9th grade retreat
March 6, 2012

 A reminder of the Lenten schedule flip.  Confirmation summer camp reminder and reduced rate!  A brief rundown on 9th grade retreat. [READ MORE]

Lent & Confirmation Camp Update
February 15, 2012
Looking towards Lent & C3 Camp Update [READ MORE]

Kudos-9th grade retreat -Confirmation camp
January 31, 2012
Pass along kudos to 8th grade worship leaders, 9th grade retreat reminder & Confirmation camp dates [READ MORE]

C3 8th grade retreat - revised calendar & 4th Sunday fellowship
January 24, 2012

Specific info. on the C3 8th grade retreat, the revised C3 calendar & 4th Sunday fellowship [READ MORE]

C3 Unity Worship
January 17, 2012

Confirmation students are heading to the PAC this Wednesday, Jan. 18 [READ MORE]

New Year - new stuff
December 29, 2011
What to know for January Confirmation.

9th Grade Confirmation Meeting on January 4
December 22, 2011

A meeting for 9th graders and their parents regarding the details of their last semester of confirmation. [READ MORE]

Welcome to the C3 Blog!
November 30, 2011
Welcome to the First English C3 Blog! [READ MORE]